Women's Day Out Expo Show Marketing

Outdoor Advertising


Women's Day Out Expo utilizes a number of ad campaign platforms with Static and Digital components applied in some markets.

Radio Advertising


Radio Advertising may be part of a specific ad campaign for Women's Day Out Expo.  We chose specifi radio stations that cater to our target demographics of 25-54 women.

Print Media


Print Media is a utilized media platform that may be used to attract mature-aged demographics (55+) above our core demographic spectrum of 25-54.  

Today, print Media now is read primarily by men and women age 65+

Social Media

The Women's Day Out Expo utilizes multiple Social Media including Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Women's Day Out Expo utilizes multiple Social Media avenues including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Facebook Group Marketing, Event Boosts and other campaigns are routinely applied to all marketing strategies for events.

Direct E-Mail


All attendes in each specific market receive a pre-alert e-mail about an upcoming event 2 weeks out,  1 week out and three days prior to every event.

Women's Day Out Expo collects a number of pieces of research with every attendee e-mail.  Women's Day Out Expo pools all show data by show location in which to calculate "which" marketing is working best.  Outcomes are not always consistent therfore a varied campaign may be applied in different markets depending on our research data.

Television Advertising


Our most widely applied media platform applied by Women's Day Out Expo is Television Advertising.  Programming targeted to appeal to women ages 25-54 and prime time newscasts are frequently programming where our event ads will be presented to the female viewed.

Simply Click on the YouTube Logo above to view one of our Televison Ads.

Event Calendars and Eventbrite(R) Partnership

Women's Day Out Expo markets all of its shows on the Eventbrite Platform and also accepts Pre-Ordered Complimentary Ticket orders.  

Women's Day Out Expo events are placed on various local community and national event calendars.